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EMG Private Investigations and Historical Research offers a national and international service

Criminal Defence Investigations

Criminal Defence Services

EMG Investigations have experience in working on many aspects of criminal defence enquiries. We understand what it is like to be under investigation and the stresses that this can bring. We know that you need a reliable, professional investigator working to assist you with your case.

Initially, we would recommend a full analysis of your case with one of our Private Investigators.  From there we can discuss, with you, various options that you might want us to pursue and recommend the best course of action in the timeframe and budget available.

Some of the options we might suggest as part of an investigation, though can offer on a standalone basis, are:

Tracing Witnesses
We can assist with identifying and locating a witness or witnesses who may not already be part of the investigation and who might hold vital information for your case.  We are particularly experienced in ‘hard to locate’ witnesses.

Interviewing Witnesses and Statement Taking
Our investigators are experienced in taking statements using the PEACE model (the model used by the Police). Statements are taken with the expectation that they may be used in either civil or legal proceedings, and our investigators are experienced in attending court if required.

Verifying Witness Statements
Information that might be provided by witnesses is often tested by our investigators, or by forensic psychologists, who we could source on your behalf.  For example, if an eyewitness claims to have seen an incident it is useful to verify whether this was actually possible from where they claim they witnessed the event.

Background Checks
EMG Investigations conduct background checks for a variety of reasons such as confirmation of identity. This could include information such as marital status, confirmation of residency, bankruptcy/insolvency check and criminal record checks (through media searches). For criminal defence investigations you might might instruct us to investigate a subject’s affiliation and/or prior relationships.

Forensic Links
We have other agencies that we work with regularly in areas such as Crime Scene Analysis, DNA Analysis and Forensic Telecommunications.

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