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EMG Private Investigations and Historical Research offers a national and international service

Historical Research for Legal Use

Historical Research and Analysis for Legal Cases

Over the years our Head Researcher, Liz Schmitz, has assisted in many litigation cases which have required precise information written in report form for use in legal cases and which can be legally tested. We specialise in the London area but are often required to broaden our research to other areas of the UK, which unless otherwise stated, undertake ourselves thus are confident that the historical research is consistent and is kept to the high standard we provide.

For example, a client required our services for a legal case in which evidence of negligence was being looked at as the end client had suffered life-changing injuries in the workplace. The issue was in relation to their being a safety bar on an old piece of machinery, which the employer denied there ever being there and thus claimed that they were not negligent. Our research involved looking at multiple sources such as trade magazines from the 1960’s through to the 1980’s, viewing the manufacturer’s own archives and locating past users and owners of the same or similar equipment.

Another example of work we have completed was for a client who required our services to locate fellow workers from a merchant ship from the early 1950’s that is when the end client believed they might have been exposed to asbestos. We were able to locate the crew lists from this ship from the 1940’s through to the 1960’s. From there we were able to trace (worldwide) other members of the crew to see whether they too had any medical issues related to asbestos. Furthermore, we conducted research into the ship itself, where it was built, materials used and provided a comparison with other ships built at the same time.

EMG Historical Research also conducts research into historical land use such as locating owners for both private and public ownership of land, roads, rights of way and previous industrial use.

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